Free Mind Foundry is the new home of a global digital community that loves living breaking new ground, erasing time-space limits. It is the Innovation Hub born into the heart of the world where imagination, intelligence and innovation have merged together with the cultural heritage of our country. An immersive and internationally connected work environment at the foot of Mount Etna, within a green smart building powered by the energy of the sun and passionate people.
FMF Campus

The Innovation Hub

Free Mind Foundry is the most advanced Innovation Hub ever opened into the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, born with an international vision and based on a sustainable and human-centric design by Dr. Ing. Simone Massaro together with the Architect Carlo PaternĂ².
The entire project was realized in 45 days from design to realization. Since 2017 FMF has been growing from a small seed into a giant tree, rooted in the values of Community, Collaboration, Sustainability and Innovation.
Spaces & Amenities

Feel Better Means Work Better

Smart Entrance with Face Recognition
Infinity Building AI System
Smart Work-stations & Co-working Areas
Secure Printing Centre
Server Room
IoT Lab
Sound-proof Phone Booths
Shared Kitchen with Social Table
Inner Courtyards
Meet-up Booths & Meeting Rooms
Digital Fitness Centre
Gaming Rooms
Company Canteen
Breath-taking Etna View
Free Parking Area
FMF Campus

Best Startups

Digital Shell
Rimlight Studios
Stormind Games
Red Raion
FMF Academy

Academy for Innovators

The FMF Academy trains young excellences that want to build their own career, within our companies or abroad, becoming pioneers of the digital transformation in different sectors.
The students will be involved in an international work environment, getting the chance to access our internal mentorships programs and workshops, and applying for globally recognized advanced courses that best fit their needs.
FMF Academy

Our Partners

COF Catania
HRC Italia
FMF Business Centre

Connected for growth

Our Business Centre is capable to host all companies, entrepreneurs and managers every time they need a comfortable space to meet and work together or simply an exclusive showcase where growing their business.
The FMF Business centre, spread over 2 floors, is going to host 69 virtual companies and 10 premium companies onsite. On the first floor, 200 work-stations are currently occupied by the companies founded by Dr. Ing. Simone Massaro; on the second floor other 200 seats are in the process of being opened to third parties that have already expressed their interest.
FMF Business Centre

Enterprise Partners