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The name of our Crew draws its inspiration from the Greek legend of the Argonauts. A group of heroes who, under the guidance of Jason, embarked on a journey to reconquer the Golden Fleece, the magical tool capable of alleviating any wound.

In the same way we want to grab the real entertainment and bring it to Free Mind Foundry, making our people happy.

We strongly believe that working in a pleasant and stimulating environment helps creativity and productivity. If we add to this a hilarious and crazy crew of friends, then you are in the office of your dreams!

We live of

English Aperitif

An evening of fun and education. During the event, the participants have the chance to chat in English with a mother tongue and their colleagues, sipping a glass of prosecco and playing various language games.

Random Lunch

In door activity for networking. Catch the chance to join a social table for lunch randomly, meet new people, and make new friends. That’s the goal of the Random Lunch!

Go Kart

A morning of outdoor team building dedicated to competition for fun!