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If you wish to be ahead of the game…



BaxEnergy develops turnkey solutions for industrial data collection and analysis and has 10 years of experience in the monitoring and optimization of the production cycle of renewable power plants.


Software company focused on data science, AI and machine learning, IntelliSync develops enterprise-class solutions for a number of industry sectors such as finance, insurance, telco and transport.


Focused on the design and building of tailormade IoT devices for data collection in renewable energy and smart building management, WiSNAM is behind the software support system for two very special biomedical scenarios: bionic ear and total artificial heart.

Stormind Games

The company develops premium, story-driven games for PC and consoles. The team consists of experienced 3D artists, developers, and designers specialized in the production of CGI movies and video games.

Red Raion

Red Raion is the CGI studio specialized in media based attractions, designing VR movies, 5D movies, dome movies and custom contents specifically produced for the amusement industry.

Digital Atom

Digital Atom is specialised in the creation of interactive, immersive, and experiential content for the digital transformation of companies and the new frontier of virtual reality: the Metaverse. Eyecad VR® is a real-time Rendering software capable of creating interactive experiences in all areas of architecture and design.


Aubay is a Digital Service Company founded in 1998, a European leader in the field of management consulting and Information & Communication Technology. From consulting to all types of technology projects, we support the transformation and modernization of our customers’ information systems.




BE-ON offers technology at the service of organizations, working as engagement center between companies and their customers, designing innovative ICT solutions to power communication networks.

Site Assistant

Engineering made simple. Site Assistant provides the leading cloud platform for professionals and companies to digitize and optimize projects and construction sites management.


National Agency for development owned by the Ministry of Economy. It contributes to the Italian economic growth, focuses on strategic interventions for growth and employment, is committed to relaunch crisis areas. The group finances and sustains entrepreneurs, innovative business ideas and startups.


The AAA is an association of 35,000 members, open to all people of the Air, military and civilian, of all levels, on leave and in service activities, passionate about aeronautical sport and flight progress.


is specialized in creating spaces that combine Made in Italy techniques and design to recreate unique and functional environments. Technology, innovation, research and passion for local raw materials characterize each project with a distinctive identity.


Open Malta is an English language agency born with the mission of facilitating the study path and life within the island of Malta for students from all over the world. Open Malta takes care of organizing travel, accommodation, visa, and school enrollment, creating networking and career opportunities.


Orange Lab is the first business accelerator operating in the circular economy and fintech sectors. The company, operating as reference point for companies and startups that believe in sustainable innovation, offers capital raising services, strategic consulting, and support in Open Innovation.


Established in 1998, Khymeia  offers a complete and innovative rehabilitation and telerehabilitation ecosystem which uses augmented and virtual reality to help patients recover from neurological, physical and cognitive impairments.


The Reale group is an aggregate of entrepreneurial initiatives operating in the field of circular economy, logistics, real estate, construction of industrial machinery and business services. They imagine a future where everyone can enjoy the comfort of their own home, made more beautiful and safe according to energy efficiency criteria, respecting the environment.




Futurea is a Challenger Company that creates innovation through services built on the needs of investors and SMEs. We allow companies to improve their positioning in the world of digital innovation and to enter brand new markets, experimenting with new processes and thus increasing their attractiveness.




Autentico is an Innovative Startup founded in 2017 by a team with strong background in industry, finance and administration.The Mission is to develop solutions for identifying and tracking all types of products in the market.


COPA-DATA is an independent software manufacturer which develops software for industrial automation and energy to make life easier for its customers. COPA-DATA helps companies to implement digitization strategies, extracting valuable information from the data and then translating it into high-impact automated actions.


Seingim is among the most important multidisciplinary engineering companies on the Italian territory. As a company, it likes to set more challenging goals each time and is committed to recreating the conditions necessary to actively contribute to a better and sustainable world.

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