Bridging Technology through Art & Science

In the same way as art unites and gathers people, Free Mind Foundry attracts talents with different stories and professional backgrounds, all aiming at the same scope: contributing to the development of Italian digital economyand improving the positioning of our country in the international technological panorama.


What is the relationship between Art and Science?

If every human activity is, to some extent, “artistic”, then any scientific discipline is an art.

The mixture among art, science and technology is a recent phenomenon. It was not obvious to the Egyptians that the pyramid was only art, or to the Romans that the equestrian statue was only art. They had, first and foremost, a practical purpose. Given that purpose, a technology was employed to achieve it.

What are the benefits for science of an integration with the arts? Art can help usher in a paradigm shift. In fact, major scientific revolutions have usually coincided with major artistic periods.

 “All is number”: Music, Dance and Mathematics

Since millennia it has been known that there is a strong affinity between music, dance and mathematics. Pythagoras was famous for having assimilated music and mathematics into his school: both were referred to as numerus.

In fact, music conveys physical data and rhythm is made up of numbers which carry an exact measure of time. Music is the meeting place between the arts and sciences and, in this matching, mathematics plays a central role.

Similarly, geometry is the most apparent subfield of mathematics present in dance. This can be seen in the positioning of a dancer’s body in relation to themselves and their surroundings.

Thorough their bodies, dancers can create shapes, angles, and lines which contribute to the dance harmony as well as allowing them to stay parallel to other dancers to preserve formations.

Creativity boosts productivity and well-being

A creative and inspiring environment as well as a completely green and sustainable workplace are the keys to productivity and well-being.

In the same way as art includes and integrates people, within the Hub innovative companies work side by side sharing experience and expertise, collaborating on common projects, developing multi-tech platforms for different sectors: renewable energy, smart cities, cybersecurity and defence, Industrial IoT, smart energy, business management, digital transformation, biomedical & healthcare, smart building & smart cities, financial & insurance.

Free Mind Foundry aims to centralize talents and bring together passions for art as a means of inspiration for the development of digital technologies. That’s the reason why we are making our offices alive, bringing dancers, singers, musicians to get inspired every day and work better.

After all, music and dance are arts, in the same measure as developing new technologies is an act of creation.