FMF reacts to lockdown


FMF reacts to lockdown

“Everything’s gonna be alright”


Data is beautiful. We have made an internal survey about how the employees of the companies hosted in Free Mind Foundry feel about working during the lock-down…and we had positively surprising results.

The global emergency we are facing has forced many companies to reorganize teams, relocate resources and plan for a strategy to survive the unattended changes Covid-19 brought. As soon as the epidemic began, Free Mind Foundry adopted precautionary measures and encouraged teams and companies’ members to work from home. At more than fifty days into smart-working, the survey we have submitted to employees shows some interesting results about the way they adapted to working from home, what they are lacking and what they are missing the most.

Questions about productivity at home in comparison with productivity at the office showed a utterly positive result with 60,5% of employees saying that they “work more and feel more productive”, the other important result shows that 23,3% of employees “work more and feel more tired” and… well, who could blame them?

Another question we submitted to the campus’ companies concerned the kind of equipment they were lacking at home. More than half of the answers signaled work desks and printers as the most lacking equipment. 

What about meetings? They are essential to update colleagues or to exchange views so to have the best results in the least time possible. Guess what? Since working from home a lot more meetings have been made, but at least they seem to be as productive as before. Actually 44% of answers indicate they are more productive than before.

Strictly connected to productivity is efficiency. On a scale from 1 to 10, more than 90% of employees stated that working from home does not infer with their ability to achieve the desired results and to accomplish their tasks.

Survey results about remote working efficiency

At Free Mind Foundry, we believe connections are meaningful, whether they are face-to-face or with a monitor in between. Fortunately, the teams of the companies hosted in the campus think and feel so, too.

In fact, although the distance and the time we have been working without seeing each other, more than half of the answers (actually 67,4%) show that team members feel their colleagues even closer than before.

Last but not least, a question which caused many second-thoughts: “if you were a song or a movie, what would you be?”. Here are the most clicked answers:

If working from home was a song or movie, what would it be?

The chart shows that the most clicked answer is “I am Legend”, a dystopic movie in which the main character has to live alone with his dog while fighting against aggressive creatures. The other two most clicked answers are way more positive and relaxed, one being “Everything’s gonna be alright” by Bob Marley and the other being “I want to break free” by Queen.

So, let’s just hope everything’s going be alright so that we can break free and go back to work together soon.

Once again, people prove to be the strongest network and digital bridges prove to be essential for the efficient functioning of companies and the overall economy.

Are you working from home and can you relate?

You can download the survey’s results here.