New People in the Hub: FMF welcomes BE-ON!

To strongly support our philosophy of cooperation, another digital company emerging in the national territory joined FMF lately.



BE-ON, founded in 2007 in Catania, established its core business in the TLC, ICT and software development world. Born as telecommunication company, BE-ON provided Poste Italiane with a technical assistance center for its first 4 years of operation and, over time, took care of the maintenance databases for Tim, Fastweb and Vodafone, mainly working with network companies. Then, the company opened up to the entire telecommunications’ industry and the mobile radio systems.


The ICT department represents the glue of all the business activities in BE-ON. Partnering with Microsoft and Genesys, BE-ON implements, manages and sells respectively Microsoft Dynamics Navision, enterprise management software, participating in various tenders with the second partner. Concerning the design and metric calculation after planning and before the implementation of each project, the company avails of the ICT department to automate and speed-up processes and operations. Furthermore, the ICT team provides powerful software and applications to improve activities and performance of resources and technicians onsite in charge for verifying building units in place and technical infrastructures.


Among the socially useful projects, BE-ON has participated in a tender with the Ministry of Interior to endow the Postal Police with a paedo-pornography monitoring system capable to detect and notify harmful material and damaging contents on the web. “One of the reasons why we chose FMF is the intention of sharing a collaborative mindset with all the innovative companies operating in it, rethinking and redesigning projects, making new challenges scalable solutions able to boost cooperation worldwide” – highlighted Giovanni D’Angelo, Account Manager at BE-ON.


In addition to this defense program, BE-ON has recently acquired a business unit of the Italian company Micronova dealing with telecontrol and performance detection platforms, in order to develop a new 3D monitoring system. This project entails the provision of cameras and flash located on the pantographes of railway vehicles to remote monitor and control their status and performance in real time and schedule maintenance and corrective actions when needed.

Because of the fast spread of the information digitalization, telematics networks and process automation, the vision of BE-ON is centered on the fact that the final user will have an always growing need of assistance; assistance from people and not from machines.

Then, basically we sell dedicated time to our customers. That’s why people are the matter of our company” added G. D’Angelo, and concluded saying “We decided to habit and live, day by day, the FMF space because here you can become a professional and open your mind and business to different application fields, feeling your company as your own, and part of a common goal at the same time. People grow with people and we aim to broaden our horizons, together.