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9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Free Mind Foundry
40/B Sclafani Street,
Acireale (CT) 95024, Italy

Gala delle Eccellenze

Award Ceremony in Acireale

Free Mind Foundry Official Sponsor at the first “Gala Delle Eccellenze” in Acireale. 120 recent graduates, all 100 votes and prices! Free Mind Foundry was happy to celebrate them together with Fondazione Bellini and the Higher Education Institutes of Acireale. Many authorities and institutions attended the award ceremony. This event is a promise of a possible future and we’ll never stop to actively contribute to the growth of our territory.

During the award ceremony, Simone Massaro, the founder of Free Mind Foundry – Think Tank & Ideas Factory – intervened in video call from Boston, addressing the award-winning new graduates of Acireale: “This high school diploma is for you a well deserved satisfaction, after so many sacrifices . But it is only the beginning, your starting point, and with great emotion it reminds me of mine. The diploma allowed me to take a leap into my life: a journey from Massachusetts to California until I came back to Sicily to create Free Mind Foundry, the largest Innovation Hub in the Mediterranean area and a rapidly growing reality. I am happy to share with you the joy of this day and this goal. I leave you with a recommendation: put your heart in everything you do, because this is the only way to achieve unparalleled results. Good luck!”


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