Free Mind Foundry: emerging land of well-being, technology and education.

In Free Mind Foundry synergy and well-being are keywords.

Free Mind Foundry’s mission is to contribute to the development of Italian digital economy, improving its positioning in the international high-tech scene. The Hub has taken many leaps before becoming what it is now: our voyage has carried us from the South to the Center, erasing any limits, geographical and temporal.

When founded in 2017, Free Mind Foundry was supposed to early become the most innovative Campus in South Italy. Taking inspiration from Greek Agorà, the space had been built to be a physical site for encounters: the many common areas and courtyards being the fertile soil in which new ideas are planted.

In 2019, with the increasing of projects, companies and markets to target, the Free Mind Foundry’s space doubled. Our digital voyage took us to the center of the world, in the middle of the Mediterranean. Our connection to the world is digital not physical and, precisely because of this, it is far-reaching. Our International Cooperation Hub builds extraordinary and invisible cyber bridges, connecting us with similar realities, spanning over any field of application.

Connections are not only made of wires, they start with people first.

Inside the Hub more than 10 different companies work side by side, sharing expertise and collaborating together on common projects. Grafting of companies has been producing fruitful results: the collaboration between BaxEnergy and WiSNAM is an example. The first develops turnkey solutions for the monitoring and optimization of data coming from renewable energy power plants worldwide, the latter focuses in the design of tailor-made IoT devices. Thanks to the integration with BaxEnergy turn-key solutions, WiSNAM has contributed to offer a complete power plant management system that combines advanced on-site IoT solutions with the software capabilities of Energy Studio Pro® asset management platform.

Free Mind Foundry is the place in which complementary ideas can melt together, evolving into an integrated business. It is the tech island in which people are free to think big and express themselves, in which imagination is taken seriously and ideas are shaped into reality.

Free Mind Foundry has been built on a people-centered perspective, both for its design choices and its attention to employees’ wellness: everything inside the Hub is committed to well-being.  Our workstations are equipped with customized digital desks created with an innovative combination of scratchproof materials, integrated with a green integrated compartment, electric sockets and networking electric panels. Moreover, our desks are furnished with IoT sensors which can collect information about temperature, noise and air quality, adapting the entire workplace to the inputs detected.

Beside the working spaces, the Hub offers wide relaxing areas. Here everyone has their favorite spot to spend their free time and relax, for example by sitting on a comfortable rocking chair or on a lava-stone block, facing our zen fountain. 

Health and safety are a key point. Alongside with our Digital Fitness Center and the relax areas, inside Free Mind Foundry you can find some specialized medical figures, such as posturology doctors, to prevent problems deriving from a sedentary lifestyle. Another qualified figure to assure a healthy lifestyle is represented by the nutritionist who, being always present in the Hub, prescribes personalized diets to suit everyone’s needs. Strictly connected to nutrition, our FMF Gourmet Restaurant offers a selection of Kilometer 0 and Bio food, in order to stick with the recommended diet. Last but not least, employees are supported by an expert physiotherapist for rehabilitation sessions and to contrast symptomatology due to a desk-bound lifestyle.

Furthermore, Free Mind Foundry aims to provide high education internally and externally, offering specialized courses, apprenticeship, first and second level masters and internships. Students are granted the highest education to acquire the skills required by the jobs of the future.

Our Campus is constantly looking for companies, investors, entrepreneurs with whom embrace future challenges thanks to high-value collaborations and strategic partnerships.

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