Expanding FMF Campus one successful company at a time: welcome Yottaworld!

Yottaworld– a double digit growing digital company offering Network and Cyber-Security services to businesses – announces today the opening of a new Headquarter in Sicily, in the heart of the vibrant Free Mind Foundry co-working spaces to further expand its innovation strategy.

Born 5 years ago in Milan with the vision to become #1 in Italy in Network and Security consulting, Yottaworld has successfully built its reputation around the duality of being a highly specialized network and security team able to provide competitive advantage to its clients by leveraging emerging technologies and innovative practices while operating around a truly human culture, cautious of its people well-being.

The concept for launching the new business was surprisingly simple: on the one hand, the need for network and cyber-security services was growing and clients were not only requesting more expertise but more flexibility, comprehension of their new challenges and speed in execution. On the other hand, talents were becoming rare and wanted to be truly taken care of, to take part of the company’s success, to be  valued in their diversity. Yottaworld’s founders had the mission to build a new type of tech-consulting firm that could beautifully embrace this duality.

The relevant expertise of the founding team has revealed itself through leading innovative projects in the biggest Consulting firms for Tier-1 clients and  the vision to build an advanced Junior tech  whose talents were nurtured with innovative projects, certifications and trainings. Then, the will to build a collaborative mindset and to share ideas, solutions and experiences with clients and the whole ecosystem, contributed to create a strong network of vendor partners and alliances companies – including Cisco, Huawei, Fortinet, Juniper Networks, Velocloud, among others.

Today, the two lines of business of Yottaworld have grown in multiple industries including Telecommunications, Media, Tech-businesses, Insurance, Banking, Retail and Cybersecurity. The Network division delivers projects on design and engineering, optimization and renewals able to match clients’ needs, leveraging the newest technologies including SDWAN, 5G and Cloud Services.

Vincenzo Occhipinti – CEO at Yottaworld

“More than ever today, we believe Technology needs Energy, and that’s our motto” said Vincenzo Occhipinti, CEO of Yottaworld. “2020 has revolutionized the ways companies do business booming our virtual world. At Yottaworld, we believe in Socrates’ pitch – The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. That’s why we’ve been lazer-focused this year on supporting our clients in their rapid transformation, giving them competitive advantage through high expertise, passion, rigor, flexibility and dedication. We have now positioned Yottaworld for the new era of truly connected & secure businesses, building the foundations to support our vision. To keep on such pace of innovation, we needed a catalystic project to embrace our digital culture, putting our people at the center; and when we met Eng. Simone Massaro and the Free Mind Foundry team, we had no doubt they should have been part of our new Strategic Plan. We needed a vibrant place for doers in our specific field. A place to make things happen, quickly. To test and optimize our solutions, sharing ideas with other smart experts, and make them scale. We wanted our people to grow with this digital mindset, enabling a human workstyle while fostering innovation. A place that could inspire us with beauty, technology and encouraging stories. In that research, we could not find a better place than Free Mind Foundry: a place with the right Energy!”

Yottaworld, Technology needs Energy.

Article kindly written and provided by Yottaworld.