From Education to Action

A successful employability project

Education is a firm lighthouse in the sea of constant change.

In a world permeated by digitalization, labor market requests are unstoppably evolving. In a ten years span, half of the young population will be employed in jobs that do not exist yet. Moreover, the level of expertise required by companies is higher and higher. 

FMF welcomes students coming from local schools joining the dual education system issued by the Good School Reform, with the purpose of contributing to the development of national digital economy. The law 107/2015 aims to affirm the school’s central role in society and raise all learners’ levels of education and skills. The statute is part of a more general set of structural reforms for a comprehensive strategy toward economic growth.

Free Mind Foundry is a concrete example of the great potential that apprenticeship programs have, thanks to its strategic partnership with the companies hosted in the Hub. And this is the case of Intellisync. The company is a software house dedicated to the design of interactive systems for the analysis of Big Data, building predictive models and neural networks. It develops enterprise-class solutions on multiple platforms addressed to various industrial sectors including finance, insurance, transport and telecommunication.

Intellisync team at work

During the 6 months-training in the Hub and in external headquarters, students acquired both hard and soft skills, which allowed them to render TelCo services in the field of International Service Providing for top clients and public administration. At the end of the training, out of the 26 people working in IntelliSync, 20 hailed from the apprenticeship project. Remarkably, this kind of business is usually carried out in Milan but, thanks to the advanced training, students have been able to stay and work in their land.

Thus, the Hub comes full circle: it represents the place in which supply and demand meet.

Free Mind Foundry aims at duplicating this result. In the near future, development in the field of Cybersecurity, Smart Cities and 5G will require specialized skills in intelligent platforms development, infrastructure and service management. The goal is to provide students with targeted and effective training, so they can be ready for new professions. Through its synergic action, Free Mind Foundry creates a virtuous exchange circle between companies and schools giving them the opportunity to meet and create value in our territory.

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