IoT Day CATANIA 2017

Acireale: IoT Day 2017 – CATANIA DotNetSicilia, in collaboration with Hackster Live Italy, Intel Innovator Tour and DotNetToscana, organized a completely free event focused on the IoT World, that took place on the 11th of December 2017 at the Free Mind Foundry Innovation Hub, in Acireale.
The best occasion for meeting and networking to explore together the new IoT frontiers: from Cloud to innovative platforms and services development to be competitive on the market, from the makers to the business applications.

The Conference started with a short DotNetSicilia introduction made by Gaetano Paternò and the warm welcoming of Dr. Santo Sciuto, Commercial Director of Credito Siciliano for Central Sicily, that highlighted the importance of financing new ideas, valid start-up businesses and rising enterprises on our territory.
The passionate audience of developers and engineers, operating in different application fields, had the great opportunity to receive technical updates on the latest IoT solutions directly from the biggest electronics brand such as Microsoft and Intel.

Among the key topics in agenda, accompanied by the demo: Intelligence in partially connected IoT scenarios (IoT in the cloud and IoT on the Edge, modules and IoT Edge RunTime) presented by Erica Barone (Microsoft); Project Prague & RealSense, SDK developed by the Microsoft Cognitive Services Labs, presented by Massimo Bonanno (Microsoft – Intel Innovator & BB); sensors, diagnostic & control systems for cars, manageable autonomously, presented by Marco Dal Pino (Microsoft MVP – Intel Innovator & BB); Machine Learning, use cases and application in different IoT scenarios presented by Claudio Musumeci (OrangeDev); Integrated Energy systems and IoT sensors development and application in the renewable energy management World and smart building market, presented by Domenico Neri (WiSNAM); Node-Red programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services, for reading data from IoT sensors, using MQTT, presented and demonstrated by Federico Burgio (BaxEnergy). The Conference has ended with the presentation of Gaetano Paternò (DotNetSicilia – OrangeDev) “Deploy your app IoT with Visual Studio”.

We are very pleased of the great success of this first IoT Day in FMF, testified by the interest of the participants and the rich Q&A sessions after each speech. We would like to thank all the people for their active participation, the speakers for their valuable contribute, and, finally, the event organisers and promoters DotNetSicilia, DotNetToscana and Hackster Live Italy for choosing Free Mind Foundry!