Open Malta: a new educational partner in Free Mind Foundry

The number of pioneering companies choosing Free Mind Foundry keeps on growing: we are pleased to welcome Open Malta in our community.

We interviewed Snezhana Nikolskaya, Open Malta co-founder, and asked her about the idea behind the company and how she discovered Free Mind Foundry.

Open Malta is an agency to study languages abroad. In cooperation with the best language schools in Malta, Cyprus, Ireland and England, the company helps students opt for the most suitable learning experience tailored to their needs. The company aims to make learning vacations pleasant and effective for their students by providing them support in the process of applying for Visas, choosing an accommodation and booking courses, among the other services.

In response to the Covid pandemic, Open Malta started its own online school: more than eight high-qualified teachers are committed to lecture small groups of children and adults who want to learn English or improve their linguistic knowledge. And what they do it is quite innovative.

Snezhana Nikolskaya, Open Malta Co-Founder

I’ve been working for seven years in this field, supporting about 1.400 students in their learning experience and I’ve seen them grow from knowing zero English to reaching advanced-level. I understood that main strategy to adopt when people want to learn a new language is to make them practice a lot through speaking classes” claimed Snezhana.

The best language schools in Malta use a very efficient learning method: after grammar lessons, students put away their books and they just speak. Teachers always introduce some very interesting and popular topics to speak about, so to break the language barriers” continues the co-founder.

The online courses at Open Malta follow the same methodology: lessons last 60 minutes, in the first 10 minutes the teacher explains grammar rules or idiomatic phrases which could be useful during the conversation, then he/she lets the students speak freely to express their opinions.

I like this idea of students being friends among each other and with the teacher, too. The best way to learn a language is when you are relaxed” adds Snezhana.


In 2021, due to Malta’s policy during the pandemic, the company moved from the Mediterranean archipelago to Sicily. That’s when the search for a comfortable coworking space started.

We were not sure we would find anything suitable, but when we visited Free Mind Foundry our first reaction was of complete astonishment: the fitness club, the kitchen, the gaming rooms, the Bar & Restaurant…we really thought it is one of the best co-working spaces we had ever seen” says Open Malta co-founder.

Today Open Malta operates inside Free Mind Foundry Campus and in the future it might expand over the Academy to offer on-site English classes. The common goal with Free Mind Foundry is to offer high quality education, allowing young excellences to drive the change, in life and in business.