The First CoderDojo Etneo in Free Mind Foundry!

Palestra Per la Mente, organization that promotes information technology and mathematics labs aimed at children and adolescents, has organized the 26th edition of CoderDojo Etneo for the first time at the Free Mind Foundry Innovation Hub, in Acireale.
An all-digital appointment for little ninja of Computer Coding focused on teaching new technology through an experimental and practical “Learn by doing” approach.

IoT Day CATANIA 2017

Acireale: IoT Day 2017 – CATANIA DotNetSicilia, in collaboration with Hackster Live Italy, Intel Innovator Tour and DotNetToscana, organized a completely free event focused on the IoT World, that took place on the 11th of December 2017 at the Free Mind Foundry Innovation Hub, in Acireale.The best occasion for meeting and networking to explore together […]