Free Mind Foundry: Il Coworking Space “ad alta connessione”

Ad Acireale, con l’Etna incorniciata alle finestre, il Campus di Free Mind Foundry è Centro di Cooperazione Internazionale fra i Paesi del Mediterraneo per l’alta formazione e ricerca e sviluppo di tecnologie destinate a diversi mercati. Mai come negli ultimi due anni le esigenze delle aziende e i bisogni del singolo professionista sono andati incontro […]

Bridging Technology through Art & Science

Free Mind Foundry aims to centralize talents and bring together passions for art as a means of inspiration for the development of digital technologies. That’s the reason why we are making our offices alive, bringing dancers, singers, musicians to get inspired every day and work better.

FMF reacts to lockdown

Data is beautiful. We have made an internal survey about how the employees of the companies hosted in Free Mind Foundry feel about working during the lock-down…and we had positively surprising results.

Digital keeps business up bringing people together

Smart working has been defined as a new how-to-go based on giving people flexibility and autonomy in reaching goals. It is an organizational model that intervenes in the relationship between individuals and companies.

From Education to Action

Through apprenticeship programs, Free Mind Foundry represents the place in which students and companies meet and grow together.

Free Mind Foundry: emerging land of well-being, technology and education.

Free Mind Foundry moves across spatio-temporal limits. Starting as a Campus, in two years we have become an International Cooperation Hub. Our keywords are synergy and well-being. We believe in high-value collaboration and in high- specialized education, taking an eye on comfort inside the Hub. Our International Cooperation Center provides specialized medical figures such as physioterapists, posturologists and nutrionists in order to prevent the effects of a sedentary life.